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Frequently Asked Questions

Vermont Business Registry FAQ_Bid Opportunities System FAQ

Vermont Business Registry FAQ How do I register my business?
You must be registered on this site to add your company information. To fill out your personal registration click "Your Personal Registration" on the left-hand menu.
If you have already filled out your personal registration, and you want to change your company information, choose Login from the left-hand menu.
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Do I have to be a Vermont business to register my business in the database?
Yes. You must have at least one physical location in Vermont.
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Is there any fee to register my business?
No. There is no fee to register your business on this website.
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What businesses are eligible to register?
Any business.
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What does it mean when I see "Display in Business Registry"?
The Business Registry will be shown on the World Wide Web. If you do not check this option your company will not be seen on the web site. However, your company information will be retained in our database.
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I can't find the business I'm looking for. What's the problem?
It might not be in the our registry. Contact us and we will help you locate the company you are looking for.  Email the Dept. of Economic Development
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If I have changes in my company's information, what do I do?
If you tried to add your company's information and found that your company is already listed you must contact the Dept. of Economic Development at 802-622-4193 so we can give you access to change your information.
If you are a registered user, you must login. By logging in you can maintain your bid interests and business information.
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I contacted the business and discovered that they are no longer in business. What should I do?
Please email us the name of the company.  Email the Dept. of Economic Development
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Bid Opportunities System FAQ
How do I post a bid?
You must contact the Department of Economic Development so they can set you up with a user account. Phone 802-622-4193 or Email
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Is there any fee charged to post a bid?
There is no fee at this time. The department is considering the imposition of a user fee at some point in the future.
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Who posts bid opportunities on this system?
At the present time state, federal, and local municipalities. If you are a company wishing to place a bid opportunity on the system please contact 802-622-4193 or Email
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If I have questions on a bid a opportunity, what should I do?
All bid opportunities contain contact information to clarify any issues or answer specific questions.
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Is there any way to be notified when new bid opportunities are posted?
Yes. If you are a Vermont Company, you can fill out your personal registration and choose which bid opportunities you would like notification via email.
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Is there a fee for the notification of new bid opportunities?
At the present time there is no fee. However, the department is considering implementing a user fee at some point in the future.
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I'm interested in federal bid opportunities. How should I proceed?
Contact the Vermont Procurement Technical Assistance Center at or 802-828-5237.
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