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Strategic assessment and plan to address departmental concerns regarding policy, culture, race, gender bias, and equity. Request Date: 4/12/2021 8:26:43 AM
Open Date: 5/12/2021
Closing Date: 5/12/2021 4:30 PM
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Vermont Department of Corrections

280 State Drive
NOB 2 South
WaterburyVT 05671-2000

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Request for Proposal

Research and Development, Social Services, Consultant Services, Administrative Support Services, Education Services, Management Services, Strategic Planning

Bid Description:
*Please see all attachments for complete bid description and information* The Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC), Office of Professional Development is seeking proposals to provide a multi-tiered strategic assessment and plan to address departmental concerns identified in the 2020 Downs, Rachlin, and Martin Report (DRM): “Report: Concerning Sexual Misconduct at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility”. Linked here: The anticipated period of work will be two years with an approximate start date of July 1, 2021. The option to renew will be based upon performance of the vendor and any additional legislative mandates addressing sexual exploitation and/or abuse of power within the DOC. The specific focus of proposals will be on the recommendations developed from the investigatory findings and conclusions from the attached report. In addition to the DRM investigatory recommendations the DOC is seeking proposals to identify and assess department wide systemic concerns related to policy, culture, race and gender bias, and equity. Proposals will include strategies that reflect the complexities and specific nature of mission shift in corrections and criminal justice. The DOC is seeking proposals that will also identify already available resources regarding gender responsive approaches, and risk and safety assessments specific to incarcerated and justice involved individuals. Bidders must be able to identify already available and sustainable tool kits for leadership development, implicit and explicit bias, and inclusive organizations. DOC is seeking proposals prepared to navigate complex corrections and criminal justice projects cross pollinating culture, security and operations, policy, recruitment, and relevant areas of criminal justice workforce development. Proposals will include recommendations for an expanded DOC preservice corrections academy, as well as in service competencies designed to address both the emotional and physical safety of justice involved individuals, as well as DOC employees. Contractor will be expected to work closely with DOC, community partners, and criminal justice leaders within Vermont. This includes but is not limited to, the Governor’s Director of Race and Equity, The Governors Women’s Caucus, and the Executive Director of the Vermont Criminal Justice Council. This collaboration will reflect the Governor’s strategic goals to grow the economy, make Vermont affordable and protect the vulnerable. This critical work will parallel with law enforcement efforts toward modernization and law enforcement efforts to diversify the workforce and reflect the needs of Vermont communities. Proposals will include plans to solidify the process for a mission focused department that creates sustained culture change for the contemporary workforce and supports Vermont’s vision of rehabilitation and re-entry. Candidates should include plans for addressing the Commissioner’s commitment to community partnerships, and external stakeholders including the Vermont State Employees Association, and Criminal Justice Agency Heads. In response to DRM investigatory findings proposal will include planning and development of statewide symposiums to educate and outline barriers and opportunities for improvement in prevention detection and investigation of employee misconduct more specifically bias, gender, and sexual abuse.

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