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Gully Stabilization and Stormwater Mitigation at The Health Center Plainfield, Vermont Request Date: 6/3/2022 6:56:38 PM
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Closing Date: 6/29/2022 9:00 AM
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SLR Consulting, Inc.

1 South Main Street, 2nd Floor
WaterburyVT 05676

Bid Type:
Request for Quotation


Construction (Non Building)

Bid Description:
Stormwater improvements will be made by regrading the steep slope behind THC to create a stormwater settling area and constructing a riprap filter berm to slow stormwater and allow sediment to settle. Erosion in the gully will be stabilized by adding logs, coir fiber rolls, and vegetation. The project includes excavation, landscaping, and forestry. Work tasks will generally involve installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment controls; establishing site access; excavation of earth fill and hauling to an upland location; installation of heavy stone fill; cutting, moving, and installation of logs; installation of coir fiber rolls; planting of trees, shrubs, and seed; and site restoration.

Special Instructions:
email Jessica Louisos for planset and other attachments