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Traveling Nurses Request Date: 2/19/2021 9:06:18 AM
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Closing Date: 3/1/2021 4:30 PM
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RFQ Number: RFP65
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Dept. of Mental Health

280 State Drive
WaterburyVT 05671

Bid Type:
Request for Proposal

Medical Services, Health Care Services

Bid Description:
STATE OF VERMONT AGENCY OF HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS RFP65 TRAVELING NURSE SERVICES VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this RFP is to obtain a contractor to temporarily provide Traveling Nurses to the Vermont Department of Mental Health at the Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital (VPCH) in Berlin, Vermont or Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence in Middlesex (MTCR). REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMISSION: The proposal must be received no later than March 1, 2021, 4:30 p.m. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ORGANIZATION: The Department of Mental Health (DMH) is responsible for the provision of services to children and adults who have a severe and persistent mental illness, and/or a severe emotional disturbance. DMH will ensure that all services are delivered in a cost-efficient, clinically effective and timely fashion. VPCH serves adults who need short-term acute care inpatient treatment and who are under court-ordered psychiatric observation or are committed civilly. MTCR serves civilly committed adults who benefit from transitional supports in the community. SCOPE OF SERVICES REQUESTED: Contractor shall provide Registered Nurses to be placed on assignment for a minimum of 26 weeks, unless otherwise agreed prior to the commencement of an assignment. The Contractor must also provide the following: • Profiles of Staff with at least 2 years of acute care psychiatric nursing experience, as well as travel experience • Credentialing material • Proof of outside trainings, current certification in CPR • Proof of physical examination • National criminal background check, as well as verify that supplemental staff are not currently and never have been on the Vermont Abuse Registry maintained by Vermont Adult Protective Services. • Employed professionals shall participate in and cooperate with States compliance program, and personnel shall conform to all applicable accrediting bodies. • Contractor will notify the State of the initiation of any action, of which it is aware, commenced for the purposes of suspending, revoking or limiting Health Care Personnel license that is providing services to the State under this agreement. Termination of assignment: State may immediately terminate any Nurse assignment upon providing written notice to Agency describing the details surrounding such termination. Work Week: Work week is 40 hours unless otherwise agreed prior to the commencement of an assignment. Authorization: A signature on a timesheet or equivalent by any authorized employee of the State must be submitted with invoices. Description of duties and qualifications of Nurses: Professional nursing work at VPCH located in Berlin, Vermont and/or MTCR located in Middlesex, Vermont, as a member of a treatment team, and may function as a charge nurse in one or more unit areas during an assigned shift. Care and treatment involve mentally ill clients at the hospital who typically present a great variety of physical, emotional and/or mental disabilities. Supervision may be exercised over a staff of paraprofessional and nursing care personnel. Duties are performed under the direction of the Chief Nursing Executive or designee. All Nurses perform their respective functions adhering to four key practices: customer service, holistic service, strengths-based relationships and results orientation. Examples of Work: Performs the full range of professional nursing duties involved in the care of mentally ill clients at VPCH/MTCR. Makes daily rounds of the unit with a physician; notes instructions given for the treatment of each client. Monitors the quality of nursing care. Reviews clients' charts. May develop nursing care plans. Attends treatment team meetings. Is responsible for the administration of prescribed treatments and drugs. Takes initial charge at any emergency. Investigates alleged incidents regarding clients and prepares report of findings. Prepares reports on client care and behavior as necessary. Is responsible for maintenance of client charts. Directs a staff of para-professionals and technicians during an assigned duty shift; instructs, advises and assists in their evaluation. May make personnel duty assignments in unit areas to achieve necessary coverages. Coordinates client appointments for activities and tests. Tours unit areas to ensure that treatment, activity, recreation and client comfort programs are properly conducted. Facilitates effective communication among client care personnel and clients. Attends in-service training sessions. May counsel clients on a one-to-one basis or in groups. Performs related duties as assigned. Environmental Factors: Duties are usually performed at VPCH/MTCR. Incumbents may be exposed to infectious diseases. Personal ability to endure stress, act judiciously in emergency situations, demonstrate knowledge of human behavior and apply human relations skills are essential for performance of duties. Due to the nature of patient illness, sudden outbursts and exposure to personal danger and injury may occur. PROPOSAL FORMAT: Use standard 8.5” X 11” page size. Documents must be single-spaced and use not less than a twelve-point font. Pages must be numbered. The proposal should be comprehensive, yet concise. The proposal must follow the sequence of information requested in the “Bid Requirements” section below. State your organization’s name on each page of your program proposal/bid and on any other information you are submitting. 1. A brief description of the organization which includes it history, organization structure and size, and qualifications to provide the required services. 2. A statement and discussion of the Proposer’s analysis of the RFP requirements. This should include: • How the staff and services needed will be provided • Statement and discussion of anticipated major difficulties and problem areas (if any), together with potential or recommended approaches for their solution. 1. Acknowledgement of agreement with customary State and Agency terms and conditions contained in Attachments C–F. 2. Billing rates, including any additional requests 3. References 4. Insurance Certificate EVALUATION CRITERIA: The Department of Mental Health will review the proposal and evaluate based on the following criteria: Criterion: Maximum Possible Points 1. Ability to place contracted nurses with inpatient psychiatric experience 30 2. Rates 40 3. References – Experience 30 Maximum Points: 100 Each proposal will be independently evaluated on Factors 1 through 3 by two or more qualified individuals. A composite score will be computed based on those independent evaluations. COVER LETTER Please provide an introduction to your company and proposal via a cover letter. All bids submitted to the State are considered public records. Please note in your cover letter if any information in your proposal is considered proprietary and confidential. a. Confidentiality. To the extent your bid contains information you consider to be proprietary and confidential, you must comply with the following requirements concerning the contents of your cover letter and the submission of a redacted copy of your bid (or affected portions thereof). The successful response will become part of the contract file and will be a matter of public record, as will all other responses received. If the response includes material that is considered by the bidder to be proprietary and confidential under the State’s Public Records Act, 1 V.S.A. § 315 et seq., the bidder shall submit a cover letter that clearly identifies each page or section of the response that it believes is proprietary and confidential. The bidder shall also provide in their cover letter a written explanation for each marked section explaining why such material should be considered exempt from public disclosure in the event of a public records request, pursuant to 1 V.S.A. § 317(c), including the prospective harm to the competitive position of the bidder if the identified material were to be released. Additionally, the bidder must include a redacted copy of its response for portions that are considered proprietary and confidential. Redactions must be limited so that the reviewer may understand the nature of the information being withheld. It is typically inappropriate to redact entire pages, or to redact the titles/captions of tables and figures. Under no circumstances can the entire response be marked confidential, and the State reserves the right to disqualify responses so marked QUESTIONS CONCERNING RFP: If you have questions, please contact Stephanie Shaw at DELIVERY OF PROPOSALS Proposals must be received no later than at 4:30 pm EST on Monday, March 1, 2021 to Jennifer Rowell: Please provide an electronic copy of the proposal to: Please use MS Office and/or standard PDF files. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: DMH will not pay any bidder costs associated with preparing or presenting any proposal in response to this RFP. The Department of Mental Health (DMH) reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. The proposals will be evaluated by the staff of DMH. If an organization is selected, representatives will be invited to negotiate a contract. DMH reserves the right to waive minor irregularities contained in any proposal or to seek clarification from the bidding agency. The contracting firm will agree to the State of Vermont usual contract and payment provisions. These specifications are posted with this RFP and include: • Attachment C: Customary Provisions for Contracts and Grants • Attachment E: Business Associate Agreement • Attachment F: AHS Customary Contract Provisions

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