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School Bus Purchase Request Date: 2/18/2020 1:57:40 PM
Open Date: 
Closing Date: 3/5/2020 3:00 PM
Intent To Bid Deadline: 
Est. Dollar Value: $0.00
RFQ Number: 
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Two Rivers Supervisory Union

609 Vt Rte 103
LudlowVT 05149

Bid Type:
Job Contract

Transportation Services

Bid Description:
The Ludlow Mount Holly Unified Union School District is entertaining bids for the purchase a 48 passenger school bus.

Special Instructions:
Bid Specifications: Bid Specifications can be picked up at Two Rivers Supervisory Union office between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Bid Specifications may also be requested by emailing The bus would need to be available to put in service on July 1, 2020. Bid Due Date: All bid submissions must be delivered no later than 3 PM on March 5, 2020. All bids are to be submitted to the following address in a sealed envelope marked “LMHUUSD Bus Bid.” Bids will be opened at 3PM on March 5th at Two Rivers Supervisory Union. Send Bids to: Cheryl Hammond, Business Manager Two Rivers Supervisory Union 609 VT Route 103 S Ludlow, VT 05149 (802) 875-6433 Terms: 1. Each bidder shall clearly specify payment terms for their proposal. 2. All bids will be considered. Make clear any options or variances. 3. Bids should be valid for a minimum of 60 days. CONTRACT AWARD: The Ludlow Mount Holly Unified Union School District reserves the right to reject any or all bids which may be submitted. It also reserves the right to award a contract to the bidder who, in the opinion of the School Board, will best meet the needs of the school regardless of price.