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FITNESS EQUIPMENT SERVICES Request Date: 7/24/2017 11:07:32 AM
Open Date: 8/30/2017
Closing Date: 9/15/2017 5:00 PM
Intent To Bid Deadline: 9/15/2017
Est. Dollar Value: $10,000.00
RFQ Number: FES725
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Department of Mental Health

280 State Drive
WaterburyVT 05671-2010

Bid Type:
Job Contract

Appliance Repair and Service

Bid Description:
STATE OF VERMONT AGENCY OF HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FITNESS EQUIPMENT SERVICES VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this RFP is to obtain a contractor to provide Fitness Equipment Services to the Vermont Department of Mental Health. REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMISSION: The proposal must be received no later than September 15, 2017 by: Kate Carter Department of Mental Health 280 State Drive, NOB 2 North Waterbury, VT 05671-2010 Please mark on the front of the envelope: “Package Contains RFP for Fitness Equipment” The Department of Mental Health reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. The proposals will be evaluated by the staff at the Department of Mental Health. This contract carries the possibility of two (2) one year renewals pending satisfactory performance of Contractor and availability of funding. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ORGANIZATION: The Department of Mental Health is responsible for the provision of services to children and adults who have developmental disabilities, a severe and persistent mental illness, and/or a severe emotional disturbance. The Department will ensure that all services are delivered in a cost-efficient, clinically effective and timely fashion. The department serves people who need short-term acute care inpatient treatment and people who are under court-ordered psychiatric observation or are committed by the Courts. SCOPE OF SERVICES REQUESTED: Contractor shall provide fitness equipment services to include an annual inspection, routine maintenance and follow up repairs as needed. Examples of Work: Performs the full range of fitness equipment services on treadmills, recombant bicycles and rowing machines. Ability to repair or replace mechanical parts within each machine. Environmental Factors: Duties are usually performed at the Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital (VPCH). Servicing needs to be scheduled in advance so that staff can be assigned to escort contractor to equipment location. PROPOSAL FORMAT: Use standard 8.5” X 11” page size. Documents must be single-spaced and use not less than a twelve-point font. Pages must be numbered. The proposal should be comprehensive, yet concise. The proposal must follow the sequence of information requested in the “Bid Requirements” section below. State your organization’s name on each page of your program proposal/bid and on any other information you are submitting. 1. A brief description of the organization which includes it history, organization structure and size, and qualifications to provide the required services. 2. A statement and discussion of the Proposer’s analysis of the RFP requirements. This should include: • How the staff and services needed will be provided • Statement and discussion of anticipated major difficulties and problem areas (if any), together with potential or recommended approaches for their solution. 1. Acknowledgement of agreement with customary State and Agency terms and conditions contained in Attachments C–F. 2. Billing rates, including any additional requests 3. References 4. Insurance Certificate EVALUATION CRITERIA: The Department of Mental Health will review the proposal and evaluate based on the following criteria: Criterion: Maximum Possible Points 1. Experience working in a hospital psychiatric unit setting 30 2. Rates 40 3. References – Experience 30 Maximum Points: 100 Each proposal will be independently evaluated on Factors 1 through 3 by two or more qualified individuals. A composite score will be computed based on those independent evaluations. QUESTIONS CONCERNING RFP: The Department of Mental Health (DMH) reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. The proposals will be evaluated by the staff of DMH. If an organization is selected, representatives will be invited to negotiate a contract. This contract carries the possibility of two (2) one year renewals pending satisfactory performance of Contracting firm and availability of funding. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: DMH will not pay any bidder costs associated with preparing or presenting any proposal in response to this RFP. Vermont's public records law may subject any bid to disclosure pursuant to a public records request. DMH reserves the right to waive minor irregularities contained in any proposal or to seek clarification from the bidding agency. The contracting firm will agree to the State of Vermont usual contract and payment provisions. These specifications are posted with this RFP and include: • Attachment C: Customary Provisions for Contracts and Grants • Attachment E: Business Associate Agreement • Attachment F: AHS Customary Contract Provisions

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